Fresh Air

The Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) pre-heats fresh air from the outside using energy from stale air exhaust through a heat recovery core. This energy exchange process reduces +/-65% of the energy consumption to heat or cool incoming air resulting in significant energy savings throughout the building.

Heating and Cooling

The Water Source Heat Pump provides both heating and cooling to each suite through a central network connected to high efficiency boilers.

Falcon One’s central heating boilers maintain efficiencies of up to 98% through intensive condensation. The modulating boilers match the demand of the building by varying the firing rate. This, along with the temperature setpoints that a Water Source Heat Pump system runs at, provides a highly energy efficient mechanical system.

The advantage of using a Water Source Heat Pump over other mechanical systems is that the energy needed to heat or cool a typical East facing unit is offset by a West facing unit resulting in less energy being required from the buildings central systems throughout the day.

High efficiency condensing water heaters heat the water for domestic use in each unit delivering thermal performance of 95% or higher.